Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review- Lyfe Kitchen

I pass by Lyfe Kitchen often, but I'm always on the way somewhere and never had time to stop in, until last week. It's located on 55th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue.

 Always like seeing this on the outside.
 How cute! A fork to open the door with
 They have their menu up on this wall, on a sign in the window, on the wall when you come in AND paper menus! haha  I always like reading paper menus because I find it easier for some reason, than reading a board.

This place is not all vegan, but it clearly marks what's vegan, what's gluten free and what contains nuts.  It also lists the calories and the amount of sodium.  Definitely have never seen the amount of sodium listed. I was thinking of getting the Thai Red Curry Bowl, but that has 950mg of sodium!! Yikes! I decided I'd get several things, and went with the Sweet Corn Chowder (though now I see it's 953mg of sodium haha I must have looked that over at the time! Yipes.) , Roasted Brussels Sprouts, a side of their Garlic Lime Tofu and a Chocolate Chip Cookie, which is listed as "still warm, fresh out of the oven", that was definitely not a hard sell! Drool.

I paid and the woman gave me a buzzer and said my food would be brought to me.

 Seating area.  There's also some counters in the front and more seating upstairs.  I was going to go upstairs to see what it looked like, but was lazy haha

Love these quotes at some of the tables

After waiting about 15 minutes, a woman brought my food to the table.  The buzzer didn't go off or anything so not sure exactly how that works..maybe it's used more when it's crowded..not sure

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Squash and Cranberries.  Of course, typical vegan worry.. "what's that sauce? it looks creamy" I was pretty sure it said vegan on the menu, but now wasn't sure.  I went up to the counter and she told me it was dijon vinaigrette, and sure enough, my initial thought that it said vegan on the menu was accurate.

side of the garlic lime tofu.  Tasted it on it's own and it was super flavorful! The woman at the counter told me she add it into the brussels, & so I decided to copy her idea

SO tasty!! Really loved this.  Although, it was cold, and I expected it to be warm and think it would have been better if it was warm.  I mentioned it when I was leaving and the woman thought it was odd and said it should have been warm. hmm.  Nonetheless, it was really yummy.

 Sweet Corn Chowder soup, which is made with cashew cream.  This was also delicious

& last, but certainly not least:

This was also really good!  It was crunchy.
Everything was so good here!! Really enjoyed my meal! Was a bit full, as everything was really filling.

Total calories: 772
Total sodium:1,678

A bit excessive for one meal.  I think I'll definitely ask them next time, why some things have SO much sodium in them..

I'm definitely going to come back here though.

They even have their own little garden! How cute