Friday, August 29, 2014

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches & more!

Woahh! I was recently in my favorite ice cream shop ever (516 East 6th Street between Ave A & Ave B) and saw there were now macaron ice cream sandwiches!

I love Sweet Maresa's macarons, they're so good and addictive.  I found out about them from the monthly vegan shop up's at Pine Box.  I've never had a non vegan macaron(not to be confused with the coconut macaroons, they're two completely different things, macarons are a French pastry), so I have nothing to compare it to, but I love them.  Love the taste and texture.  Maresa is so sweet & she always has different macarons to choose from.  My favorites are the almond, pistachio or fruity ones.When I found out she was pairing up with my favorite ice cream for an ice cream sandwich, I was beyond excited! Two of my favorite things together? What could be better?

A staff member at the ice cream shop recommended the lemon macaron which came with strawberry ice cream(always a favorite), and it definitely did not disappoint!! It was so good!

Other new items include ice cream bars!

thanks My Vegan Gut for the photo

On the left is pistachio and the right is mint chip.  [Both bars are the same size, it's just the way the photo was taken]   I loved the pistachio and I tried a little of my friends mint chip and liked that as well, I had also previously tried the vanilla and loved that too.  There is also a peanut butter one.  Aside from these, there are now rice krispy ice cream sandwiches using Sweet & Sara rice krispy treats, and regular ice cream cookie sandwiches using Gone Pie's cookies!  & that's aside from all the delicious ice cream!

So go on, head to the best ice cream shop ever[currently has no name in case you were confused] and try a macaron ice cream sandwich, ice cream bar or just plain ice cream for yourself!

I was recently in Berlin, so stay tuned for some restaurant & food reviews from there!